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Thermal Room

Thermal room is dedicated to perform the thermal test at Luminaire level and component level as per IEC 60598 standard.

Outdoor Endurance Room

Dedicated to perform the endurance test of Outdoor LED Luminiare and component level as per IEC 60598 standard

Indoor Endurance Room

Dedicated to perform the endurance test of Indoor LED Luminiare and component level as per IEC 60598 standard

Hipot Analyzer

Hipot analyzer is used to conduct Electric Strength & Insulation Resistance test

LMS Lab sphere LM79 & LM 80

LMS system is used to calculate optical parameter like Lumen, CCT, CRI of bare LED or luminiare

Indoor Lumen Maintenance

Dedicated to perform lumen maintenance test on the indoor LED products with the help of LMS

Outdoor Lumen Maintenance

Dedicated to perform the lumen maintenance test on the outdoor LED products with the help of LMS

AC Power Source

Programmable AC supply that can deliver AC supply upto 300V in programmable form having the frequency of output signal from 15-1 KHz in single phase

DC Power Source

Programmble DC supply that can deliver AC supply upto 300V in programmable for and deliver wattage upto 600W


Heart of designing which is used to measure variety of parameters (Voltage, Current, Power, Harmonics, Loss etc) with high resolution

Power Analyzer

WT300's wide range of functions and enhanced specifications allows to handle all the measurement applications from low frequency to high frequency inverters using a single power meter

DC Electric Load

An artificial DC load for the DC power supply / driver. Chroma 6310A is ideal for the test and evaluation of multi-output AC/DC power supplies

Advik Lighting Advantage

Innovative lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor application through energy saving solution, Capability to service multi-locational accounts, Service commitment with 35 branches, Ease of contact through web, trustworthiness and reliability of Advik Group

Founder - Advik Group of Companies

Mr. V.K. Agarwal Chairman and Managing Director of Advik Group of Companies, a $ 3 Million FMEG (Fast Moving Electrical Goods) conglomerate. Advik is one of the fastest growing FMEG companies in India and has evolved into a socially and environmentally responsible global company with a leading presence in each product segment it is present in.

The Legend - Mr V. K. Agarwal

Mr. Agarwal began business a very early stage of life without any family support and being a small town he came to Delhi at the age of twenty and had tried his hand in many of the fields but after the great struggle he began to work as a electrical govt. contractor in CPWD & PWD In 1996 under a proprietorship firm Agarwal Enterprises with his pioneer personality and great dynamism he founded brand DULITE in 2002 ...

Concepts to LED Lighting

Mr. Agarwal has a vision to replace the entire lighting concepts to the LED lighting. His vision is not only to spread ADVIK across the nation indeed to get recognized globally over a very short span of time. In short time know Advik is known as Advik Group of Companies with the patronage of Advik Industries Limited, Advik Global Limited and Advik Optoelectronics Limited, his aim in the near future is to add a new infrastructure division to the group...

Think Innovative Mantra

Advik?s tagline Think Innovative shows that as with the edge technology in the world innovation should in all the fields to the optimum level as to be different to must think innovative. Our group main focus is the INNOVATION which is the demand for every industry across the globe. Advik has established its Innovation Center in order to develop the most innovative products for the industry. Innovation for us is the development of the products for the society where energy can be conserved which the utmost priority at ADVIK as the future is what as makes our present so it?s the time to do it.

Research & Development

Mr. Agarwal focus on research and development has enabled the group to develop products for consumers of all the segments in the industry that offer great value for money. His constant emphasis on promoting energy conservation and environmental preservation coupled with his philanthropic service to the economically weaker section of the society is his way of giving back in return to the society that has helped this organization realize its true potential. Become a leader with innovation.

Appointment Letter

Probation of three months, Total emoluments includes Basic pay, HRA, Conveyance, Education, Medical, Special allowances, ESIC, EPF and LWF

Conveyance Policy 2016

Based on current petrol price, company has reviewed fuel cost & maintenance of personal vehicle of all employees, being used for company affairs & has decided to refix the reimbursement rates for Car as INR 5.00 / KM, Bike / Scooter as INR 2.20 / KM

Latecoming Policy 2016

Recognize punctual employees and motivate employees for punctuality. Short leave and late by 10 minutes is allowed three times per month, Late coming by fours will be considered as half day

No Dues Form 2016

Agree and acknowledge that all intellectual property in possession of candidate are exclusive property of Agarwal enterprises and candidate shall not assert or claim any right or interest there to

Suggestion Scheme 2016

Management is pleased to announce a suggestion scheme w.e.f April 2016 to motivate employees with creative ideas and encouraging them to contribute for the growth and prosperity of the organization

Transfer Letter 2016

Management allows creative and hardworking professionals to get transferred to desired sections with continous service agreement, privilege leave and other statuatory benefits

Career Opportunities

World's greatest works of contemporary art and design are bought and sold at Advik Group. As an ambitious, value-driven organization, we're looking for collaborative team members who will bring their passion, energy, expertise and ideas to work everyday.

Join Advik Group: Process

If you would like to join Advik Group, but no appropriate vacancies are advertised, please submit your resume and cover letter to Please indicate in your cover letter the location and department your are interested in joining.

Consumer Lighting

Advik group is launching their new range of products for consumer lightings on April 01 2016. For more information please contact us on 011-25952595